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Woolpack \Wool"pack`\, n. A pack or bag of wool weighing two hundred and forty pounds. [1913 Webster]
The Woolpack is a fictional public house on the popular ITV soap opera Emmerdale.
It has played host to many of the soap's storylines and is the focus of the programme. The Woolpack is where people meet up for a drink and to talk. Some of the biggest storylines of Emmerdale have involved the pub.
The 1993 plane crash saw the Woolpack wine bar demolished trapping many people inside and paralysing Chris Tate from the waist down.
It was also involved in the storm of 2003 where the roof was struck by lightning which chased the chimney to fall through the roof causing a window to collapse and fall on Tricia Dingle, which eventually resulted in her death.
The first Woolpack was the Falcon Inn in Arncliffe. When the outdoor scenes were moved to Esholt in 1976 the Commercial Inn was chosen as the new Woolpack. The present Woolpack is on the purpose built Emmerdale village set on the Harewood estate which is based on Esholt.
For many years the Woolpack had a rival pub in the village called The Malt Shovel which was supposedly slightly downmarket compared to the Woolpack. Although in recent years especially since the move to Harewood the Malt Shovel has not been mentioned. In 2008 Val said the Malt Shovel has been refurbished and renamed Malt. Val is planning to refurbish the wool pack and rename it Wool.
The first landlords seen on screen were Amos Brearly and Henry Wilks.
The current landladies are sisters Diane Sugden and Val Pollard.
The current employees are:
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